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Simple Single Page Password Setup
This script is provided free for any type of website project. Support is not included.

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STEP #1:
Make a copy of any one of your webpages. This will be the login page for the password protection. Add a link on your menu or to one of your HTML pages to this new page.

STEP #2:
Paste the following code into the "head" of this new page. Put the code just before the </head> near the top of the page.

STEP #3:
Paste the following code into the body of this new page. This could go inside the MAIN or CONTENT area in your HTML webpage.

STEP #4:
Open your newly edited page in a web browser and test your login. The password in the code you added from the above steps is "pepper". If pepper is entered, the user will be sent to the "correct.html". If the password is incorrect the user will get a popup message. Edit the script you added to the head section to change the password and landing page variables.

STEP #5:
Delete the "correct.html" included in this download. Create a new page named "correct.html". Edit the "correct.html" with your protected page information. Check the script by opening the first page you created in step #1 and enter the password "pepper".

STEP #6:
Edit the script you added in step #2 to change the password, the "incorrect" popup message and the success HTML page name variables. Optionally change the name of your protected page, "correct.html".


Edit the word "pepper" in the script you added in step #2.

Edit the name of the landing page "correct.html" in the script you added in step #2. You do not have to call the landing page "correct.html" and can use any name.

If you add the following code to your "correct.html" you can keep search engines from indexing the protected page. Use caution when adding this tag and do not inadvertently add this to a page that you do want to keep indexed by search engines.

<meta name="robots" content="nofollow">

You can place your protected page inside a subfolder to make this more secure and optionally keep search engines out of this folder with your "robots.txt". For more info on the "robots.txt" you will need to search at Google for help and directions. To setup the script you added in step #2 to use a subdirectory edit the following code:


Edit to....


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